Cardamom biscuits

Kardemumma kakor


Kardemumma kakor

125 gram Butter Smör

1.5 dl Suger Socker

1.5 msk Honey Honung

1 tsk Cardamom Kardemumma

0.5 krm Salt

1 tsk Vanilla Suger Vanilj socker

1.5 dl Corn starch Majs stärkelsemajs stärkelse

1 tsk Baking soda Bikarbonat

125 gram (2.1 dl)  natural gluten free flour mix semper fin mix

Mix all ingredients except baking soda and flour to a smooth mass, than add the baking soda and flour, form table spoon sized balls place on a baking sheet and press a little in the middle. Bake in 175ºC for about 12 minutes. 

Blanda allt utom mjöl och bikarbonat till en jämn massa tillsätt där efter mjöl.

Forma matskeds stora bolla, lägg på bakplåts papper tryck ut lite i mitten och grädda.

175ºC i ca 12 minuter.

Lemon curd and Japanese cheesecake


Make 1 small jar about 2 dl.

– Juice of 1 medium sized lemon (55 ml)

– 1.25 dl jam sugar

– 1 egg

– 50 gram butter

Add lemon juice, egg and sugar to a sause pan, heat gently under constant stirring. When it start to thicken add butter in small portions under stirring, when all the butter has melted, poor in to  a sterilized jar, put the lid on and turn upside down.

Sterilize jar by heating the glass in the oven 125ºC for 10 minutes.




With Japanese cheesecake, I recommend that you make it in a beautiful pie form and serve it in the form it is a bit messy to remove it from the backing sheet as in the recipe.

Äggost Bohusläns cheesecake


Äggost is the traditional dessert in Bohuslän the part of Sweden that I com from, äggost is a must at the table on all celebrations. How it is seved depends on with part of bohuslän you are, in the sudern part it is sweet with sour berrys preferably strawberries, in the middle not at sweet but seved with sweet jam prefarably blackberry and in the northern parts, without sugar with pickled herring as a main dish. Bohuslän is also the place that Bohus sweater come from. This is the recipe that have been passed down in my family for at least 4 generations probably more.

9 egg

3 dl sour cream

3 liter milk (3.5 – 5 % fat)

Sugar about 3 dl

Whisk egg and sour cream to a smooth mix. 

Pour the milk in to a 5 liter pot, add the egg mix and gently heat under stirring  until it coagulates scoop it up and place in an äggost form or a colander sugar generously between the layers, place the form in a pot and left it cool down in the fridge over night. Turn out before serving and serve with fresh strawberries, or sour jam.

äggost docksjo

Traditionally the forms where carved in wood, to beautiful patterns.

Hallon grottor Jam cookies (50)

Hallon grottor docksjo

300 g Butter RT
1 1/2 dl Sugar
1 st Egg
500 gram Naturally Gluten free mix (Semper Fin Mix)
1 tsk baking powder
2 tsk vanilla sugar
1-1.5 dl firm Jam traditionally Raspberry

Stir together butter and sugar, then add and and stir to a smooth mass. Mix flour, baking powder and vanilla sugar in a separate bowl and then add to the butter mix. Form small balls about 2.5. 3 cm in diameter and place in small paper molds (småbrödsformar), press a pit in the center of each with your thumb and fill with jam. Bake in the middle of the owen at 200ºC for 13-15 minutes

Sours: Semper

Vanilla sugar

vaniljsocker docksjo

It is very simple to make vanilla sugar, all you need is a vanilla fruit and Sugar. The Vanilla fruit can be used to for example vanilla crud before you make vanilla sugar of it.

1 dried vanilla fruit

1 dl sugar 1.5 dl if you use a new fruit with seed intact. 

cut the fruit in to smaller pieces, and mix it together with the sugar, using a hand mixer or a food processor to powder and put it in a jar for storage. If it is a little sticky just leave the lid of for a few days until it completely dry. Vanilla sugar don’t really go bad but it loose sam of it’s taste with time, I recommend that you use it which in a year.

vaniljsocker docksjo

vaniljsocker docksjo

Recipes using vanilla sugar: 

Hallon grottor/ Jam cookies

Vanilla cookies

Ellas Sugar cake

Vanilla cookies

Vanilj kakor docksjo

125 gram butter RT

2 tes vanilla sugar

1.5 dl suger

1.5 egg

4 dl potato starch or (2dl potato starch and 2 dl corn starch)

Stir together sugar and butter to a smooth mass, then add the egg and stir to a smooth mass, then add the starch. Form small balls 2 cm in diameter, place them on a backing sheet and press them slightly, with a fork for wavy or a spoon for smooth cookies.

Gluten free Saffron Buns Lussekatter


Det är inte alltid lätt att hitta bra recept när man är gluten intolerant, detta är det recept som jag använder varje år till mina lussebullar.

50 gram (1 paket) jäst

150 gram smör

4 dl mjölk

1.5 msk pysillum skal mjöl (fiber husk)

250 gram (1 burk) kvarg (kesella)

3 dl socker

1 krm salt

1 ägg

0.5 – 1.5 gram saffran (kan bytas mot 3 krm kardemumma)

∼ 12 dl  (720 gram) semper glutenfri mjölmix (om du använder ett annat mjöl så till sätt 1 tsk bakpulver)

+ ägg och russin till garnering.

Smula jästen i en bunke.

Smält smöret och tillsätt mjölken, värm till 37ºC, häll över jästen och rör tills jästen löst sig tillsätt pysillum skalmjöl under omrörning, låt svälla i ∼10 minuter.

Tillsätt kvarg, socker, salt, ägg och saffran rör om och tillsätt där efter 10 dl av mjölet, resten sparas till utbakningen.

Jäs till dubbel storlek (30-40 minuter).

knåda degen forma Lussekatter, låt jäsa i minst 30 minuter, garnera försiktigt med russin och pensla med ägg, baka i ca 10 minuter i mitten av ugnen 225ºC.

It is not always easy to find good recipes when you are gluten intolerant, this is the recipe that I use every year to my saffron buns.

50 grams (1 packet) fresh yeast (12 grams dry)

150 grams of butter

4 dl milk

1.5 tbsp pysillum shell flour (husk fiber)

250 grams cream cheese

3 dl sugar

1 pinch of salt

1 egg

0.5 – 1.5 grams of saffron (can be replaced with 0.6 tsp cardamom)

~ 12 dl (720 gram) gluten-free flour mix semper (if you use a different flour, add 1 tsp baking powder)

  eggs and raisins for garnish.

Crumble the yeast into a bowl.

Melt the butter and add the milk, heat to 37 ° C, pour over the yeast and stir until the yeast has dissolved, add pysillum shell flour, stirring, let swell for ~ 10 minutes.
Add the cream cheese, sugar, salt, egg and saffron. Stir and add after that 10 dl of the flour, the rest saved for the knead.

Leave to rise until doubled in size (30-40 minutes).

 Knead the dough shaping Saffron Cats, let rise for another 30 minutes, garnish with raisins and gently brush with egg, bake for about 10 minutes in middle of oven at 225 º C.

Yummy Apple Muesli

This is the season for delicious things, this is a recipe for my favorite müsli with a crunchy feel free to exchange ingredients for your favorites.

3 dl buckwheat Bovete
3 dl millet flakes Hirsflingor
6 dl oatmeal Havregryn
1.5 dl sunflower seeds Solrosfrön
0.5 dl flaxseed Linfrön
1 dl almond (hazelnut) copped Mandel eller nötter

Soak the buckwheat in 1 litre of water overnight.

Rinse and drain the buckwheat

Mix all ingredients above in a large bowl, solve sugar in 0.5 dl of water and sprinkle in the bowl, mix it with you hands. Place it on two oven plates with baking sheets, it is supposed to be lumpy. sprinkle with cardamom and cinnamon. dry in oven at 125ºC until it is completely dry

cardamom Kardemumma
cinnamon Kanel
3 tbs raw cane sugar Råsocker

When the roasting is finished and the fruit.

0.5 dl raisins (sultanas) Sultan russin
Apple chips Äppelchips

Appel chips

Appel chips is one of my favorite  snack and it is a important ingredient in muesli.

This is how I do:

Slice the apples thinly and dope them is slightly salted water. place them in a thin layer in a baking sheet and dray them in the oven at 50-70°C, move around the once or twice. Dray them on till they are completely dray it take sevaearl hours.