Vanilla sugar

vaniljsocker docksjo

It is very simple to make vanilla sugar, all you need is a vanilla fruit and Sugar. The Vanilla fruit can be used to for example vanilla crud before you make vanilla sugar of it.

1 dried vanilla fruit

1 dl sugar 1.5 dl if you use a new fruit with seed intact. 

cut the fruit in to smaller pieces, and mix it together with the sugar, using a hand mixer or a food processor to powder and put it in a jar for storage. If it is a little sticky just leave the lid of for a few days until it completely dry. Vanilla sugar don’t really go bad but it loose sam of it’s taste with time, I recommend that you use it which in a year.

vaniljsocker docksjo

vaniljsocker docksjo

Recipes using vanilla sugar: 

Hallon grottor/ Jam cookies

Vanilla cookies

Ellas Sugar cake

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