Me made may Belcarra blouse and Pencil-skirtBehind docksjö design is just me Nicolina, and I run everything my self with some help form my husband. I currently work full time on creating knitting and sewing patterns, I have an idea of making a collection on mom and baby wear, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m only just getting started. I live in Gothenburg Sweden, love to create and be creative, almost all patterns are named after a local plant in Swedish, Because I love to be out and about drawing inspiration form nature. My favourite colour is changing all the time it use to be green and in fact we painted half of our apartment in this pastely vibrant warm green, at the moment I’m really in to orange which is strange because I use to hate orange it was the one colour I couldn’t stand. My university friends cals my Blue coat, sine I dyed my lab coat blue and a majority of my cloths where blue.

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If you want to contact me about my patterns, are interested wholesale or if you are interested in a collaboration I’m available atmail.3

You can find me on instagram as docksjo and on ravelry as Ninnilina.

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And last I just want to say thank you to  all of you that are supporting me and making this business work.



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